Welcome to Mystic Apes Studio

After years of planning, working and even stalling (due to our own personal fears) we are finally ready to show the world what it is we’ve been doing for these past years. We are so happy to finally present MYSTIC APES STUDIO!

A project that comes from our love for art and our love for creating. We are inspired by all around us, the people we know, the places we go, the places we didn't go! We just love experimenting, with different techniques, with different mediums and materials. We like to think of ourselves as intuitive makers, self-taught in "making".

Who are we? Teresa and Rodrigo, a couple that lives in the small and sunny village of Cascais, in Portugal with their beautiful dog, Bongo.

Teresa has a Bachelor Degree in Design from IADE University, and after uni was really into making friendship bracelets. Being a little lost in her future plans, she started looking for ways to evolve this practice. She started teaching herself metalsmithing, and started making brass jewelry, she combined this to the braiding techniques she had grown so fond of, and the first jewelry line was created, the Curio Collection. 

Rodrigo a former camera assistant, decided to jump on board, bringing his own self taught techniques in candle making, and his camera skills, to make their dream come true. Having a brand of 100% handmade, unique products, grown from their life's passions and interests. And THIS is how Mystic Apes Studio was born. 

What are we all about after all? We are a sustainable and environmentally conscious brand, of wearable objects for you and for your home. In our journey of building a life together, a home, we changed and evolved, and so did our interests.

After years of experimenting, and trying to become more conscious people we not only learnt to make jewelry for ourselves, we learnt how to dye textiles using plant materials, we learnt herbalism, we started making our own natural skin care, our own non-toxic candles. We embraced a healthier way of living that at the same time enabled us to explore our creativity and be continuously inspired!

We are finally ready to share this with you so bare are with us while we let you inside our world, our vision, and our studio! We hope you like belonging to the family, and we hope at the very least we can inspire you!