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DIY: Revitalizing Face Mask + Body Scrub

  As we welcome the new season it’s important to take extra care of your skin. If you’re anything like me, by the end of summer your skin is feeling slightly rough and dry. This is completely normal, the long days of running wild in the sun are super harsh on your sun kissed skin. Right now your body is covered in dead skin cells. They not only make your skin look dull but they create a barrier that stop moisturisers from fully absorbing into your skin. What’s the best way to get rid of these dead cells? Exfoliation!  We have two perfect recipes to prep your skin for the colder months ahead, and the best part? You probably have all...

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Welcome to Mystic Apes Studio

After years of planning, working and even stalling (due to our own personal fears) we are finally ready to show the world what it is we’ve been doing for these past years. We are so happy to finally present MYSTIC APES STUDIO! A project that comes from our love for art and our love for creating. We are inspired by all around us, the people we know, the places we go, the places we didn't go! We just love experimenting, with different techniques, with different mediums and materials. We like to think of ourselves as intuitive makers, self-taught in "making". Who are we? Teresa and Rodrigo, a couple that lives in the small and sunny village of Cascais, in Portugal with their beautiful...

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