About Us

Mystic Apes Studio is a line of wearable objects, for you and for your home. It's an ongoing experiment, a journey in creativity. It's an ever evolving exploration of ancient traditional techniques including metalsmithing, natural dyeing, braiding, herbalism, candle making and anything else that gets her creative juices flowing.
Maintaining a clear focus on sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. Each piece is handcrafted in small batches by Teresa Silva in her home studio in the small town of Cascais, Portugal. By embracing the Japanese wabi sabi way of life Teresa creates unique pieces, where no two are ever alike, each one reflects the makers mood and the makers touch. It's this unpredictability the author loves the most!
handmade silver and brass jewelry exhibited in the feira feita market in lisbon
Fotografia: Hugo Sousa Films for Feira Feita