close up of brass cutout pendant
top view of brass cutout pendant necklace
top view of brass cutout pieces on silver chain necklace
top view of brass cutout pendant necklace
detail on brass cutout necklace
detail on brass cutout necklace

Nuuk Necklace

Regular price €60.00

The 3 in 1 Nuuk Necklace has a main hand cut brushed brass rounded rectangle pendant, with a pattern of cutout lines and wholes that attaches to a sterling silver chain with two s-hook shapes clasps. The chain has two smaller cutout brass sheet pieces, that are held together with movable balled sterling silver wire. This super fun and versatile, and can be worn in three different ways. You can put one hook on each side of the pendant, you can use both hooks on the same side, and have it hang low, or you can skip the pendant all together and use a hook to secure each side of the chain, and use it as a super minimalist chain necklace. 

Approximately 44 cm long.

Due to the handmade nature of this product there may be slight variations in shape and size

Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) US Europe Swiss
14.10 44.20 3 44 4
14.90 46.80 4 47 7
15.70 49.30 5 50 10
16.90 53.10 6 53  13
17.50 55.10 7 55 15
18.10 57.00 8 57 18
19.00 59.50 9 59 20
19.80 62.10 10 62 22
21.00 65.90 11 65 25
21.40 67.20 12 67 27


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